Coaches Testimonials

Mike Krzyzewski

" Coach Jim Clayton is an excellent teacher and communicator for shooting and footwork. "

Lute Olson

" Coach Jim Clayton's methods focus on developing players to achieve the players full potential at the highest level "

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Slide Shot

    • Slide Shot

    • Slide Shot Guide

  • 3

    42 series arm right to middle

    • 42 series Arm Right to Middle

    • 42 Right arm to middle guide

  • 4

    42 series body right to corner

    • 42 series Right Arm to Corner

    • 42 series right arm to corner guide

  • 5

    42 series body left to middle

    • 42 series Body Left to Middle

    • 42 series left wing to middle guide

  • 6

    42 series arm left to corner

    • 42 series Left Wing to Left Corner

    • 42 series left wing to corner guide

  • 7

    Top 5 reasons players miss around the basket

  • 8

    5 Keys To Perfecting Your Shot

    • 5 Keys To Perfecting Your Shot

    • 5 Key things that go wrong on your shot guide

  • 9

    The Keys to " The Grip " and " Stance "

    • The Keys to " The Grip " and " Stance "

    • The grip and stance guide

Players Testimonials


" Coach Clayton focuses on the small details of shooting and footwork that are overlooked "

Quinn Slazinski

" Coach helped me develop a quicker release for my shot with his methods "

Jaemyn Brakefield

" I love working out with coach Jim Clayton. His methods are designed to make your feet faster. "

Terry Rozier

" Coach gives players a chance to achieve the highest levels by building players foundations with his footwork methods and shooting methods "

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Please contact us at (304) 562-2424

or email Coach Jim Clayton directly at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Jumpertime Training?

    Jumpertime training is a unique training system that develops players by focusing on the foundation of shooting, foot work, body position and key details. The foundation and mastery courses in this program have developed players in major division 1 colleges, NBA, and WNBA.

  • What ages is this program for?

    This program is designed for middle school, high school, and college level players.

  • How can I contact Jim Clayton Directly?

    You can reach Jim Clayton at (304)-412-4263 or call Sports City U Basketball at (304)-562-2424